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Substance Abuse/Anger Management

Rhythm of Life provides programs to address the issues of substance abuse, anger management, and violence prevention. We often work through collaboration with local counseling centers, probation offices, and correctional facilities to provide services to inmates or people on probation.

Our therapeutic goals include enhancing social interaction, listening skills, cooperation, teamwork, impulse control, discipline, and self- regulation. Sessions are oriented towards providing participants with a sense of accomplishment, and fulfillment as a result of working together to meet a fun and invigorating musical challenge.

Our mission is to encourage the joy of cooperation, collaboration, and camaraderie to live on in the hearts of participants. We feel that the feelings of success and belonging in the ensemble will generalize into other areas of their lives, and help improve their quality of life across the boards.

Quality of life issues are often discussed during sessions, and we clarify the idea that the interactive kills necessary to successfully perform a piece of music are the same skills we use in our daily lives to improve and maintain healthy relationships with people around us. When necessary and appropriate, we also emphasize that use and abuse of substances, while it may provide some temporary relief from the edges of the day, eventually may make our lives unmanageable. Ensemble drumming is one example of a positive, healthy, exciting uplifting experience that reinforces a manageable life, even in the midst of the confusion and uncertainties that surround us.