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The Drum Workshop, Inc


Dealership Status

Rhythm of Life is an authorized dealer of KMC Music and St. Louis Music.  We  provide our clients with all the instruments they  need to  establish and continue any type of program.  We also have a lot of suggestions regarding making your own percussion instruments at almost no cost.  For a fun example of this, please watch our video “Junkyard Samba”.  The video also plays when you insert the “Congacycle” CD into your computer.

In summery, while we certainly recognize the value in other drumming programs we have witnessed, we are unaware  of any single organization which offers such a  variety of sustainable programs.  This is the trademark of Rhythm of Life.  Aspects of our internal structure, from our depth of knowledge to our ability to provide equipment allow us to work with  others to develop programming which is fun, educational, well rounded,  supportive of participants, and an aid to the development of community.