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We Drum As One

Rhythm of Life is collaborating with Artsbridge, Inc. to bring Jewish Israeli's and Palestinian Muslims together through art, drumming and dialog.
We have made two visits to Israel so far and both have been incredibly successful.  We established several ensembles, and played with groups all over Israel and in the West Bank. We  are inspired by the enthusiastic response to drumming as a medium for establishing and enhancing communication.  We are poised to establish eight new ensembles with collaborative groups in the region, and lack only the funding necessary to pursue this ambitious effort.
Our mission is to help heal those efected by the trauma of the on-going conflict, and to provide opportunities young people understand each other better.  We belive that through dialog and communication a solution to the turmoil of this region will eventually be found.
For more information please contact us.
To read more about one aspect of our experience, please click on "Bringing the Drum to Bethlehem, 2009".

Also, please watch our videos "We Drum As One" and "Join the Rhythm!"

Bringing the Drum to Bethlehem, 2009  

Bringing the Drum to Bethlehem, 2009

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