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Spin With The Bull

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It has been a long term dream of mine to make a drum based recording and play all the parts:  to give myself the opportunity to experiment and blend ideas, instruments, rhythms and traditions from the genre of African based drumming  that I study and love.  Spin With The Bull is my expression of this powerful and enriching style of music, and though I have taken some artistic liberties, for the most part, the rhythms presented here keep very close to the traditional versions I was taught by the masters from whom I have learned so much.  

    Through my experience performing and teaching I have developed a deep appreciation for the community of the drum ensemble and the energy created by the real-time contributions of individual drummers.  Though it seems almost antithetical to my basic philosophy of drumming, this type of interaction does not exist on Spin With The Bull.  Instead, this project was an opportunity for me to go inside and interact with myself.  Each piece is a reflection of my growth process in understanding the relationships between the musical, spiritual, philosophical and political themes contained in the soul of this ancient, living music.

I allowed myself to be a channel of the wisdom of the rhythms, the grace of the melodies. I sing the traditional chants, and was sometimes inspired to write lyrics reflecting my own interpretations of the messages imparted to us through the music.  Some pieces are serious and sobering, others simply energetic, fun and playful.  It was a long and difficult process, and though I struggled at times, well, that’s just life.  The simple truth is:  I had a blast!  I hope you like it.

Listen to the samples at the bottom of the page, download any song that you'd like for .99 each or download the entire album for $10.

Individual song purchases - Download each song in MP3 format for .99 each:

1. Women of Steel

2. Spin With The Bull

3. Duel at Dawn

4. Chango

5. Bonny Light Crude

5. Bonny Light Crude

6. Wood & Ya Know…

7. Oh, The Tales They Tell

8. Latin Angel

9. Yemaya

10. Bunchasamba

11. Chains Against The Rail

12. Ogun Karanga!

13. Peace of My Heart

14. Dance of the Dead

Purchase & download the entire album in MP3 format for $10:

Rick Bausman - Spin With The Bull - Full Album

Lyrics and Discussion  

Lyrics and Discussion

Here are some brief summaries of the roots and ideas behind each of the pieces on this recording. I realize that many of you might not be familiar with the specific imagery and spiritual ideas contained in the traditions associated with these rhythms. I’m hoping to find some time to write more thoroughly about the interlocking spiritual/philosophical/rhythmic structure of these rhythms and songs, but for now, I’ll just try to explain a little bit so you’ll know what I’m talking about.
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