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Congacycle is a combination of the words "conga"and "bicycle".    The image of this combination came to me one day while teaching conga technique to a group of teens and watching one of my students arrive on his bicycle.  It occurred to me that drumming is an exhilerating experience also, not unlike riding a bike.  Bicycle riding is  a fast, fun way to get around, see new places and learn about the world.  I have learned a lot about other people in far away places through my studies of drumming.  Many of the rhythms I know have a special significance.  By learning and performing these pieces, I increase my understanding of how others live and how different people perceive the world we share.  

Listen to the samples at the bottom of the page, download any song that you'd like for .99 each or download the entire album for $10.

Individual song purchases - Download each song in MP3 format for .99 each:

1. Akiwowo

2. Superdee High

3. Having Such Fun

4. Three Toed Sloth

5. Saturday

6. No Matter Who

7. Congacycle

8. This Old Pan

9. Dinosaur Rumba

10. Samba Lesson

11. Kitchen Samba

12. NEW VERSION! No Matter Who (Internet only - Not on full album)

Download the entire album in MP3 format for $10

Rick Bausman - Congacycle - Full Album

Congacycle Notes  

Congacycle Notes

Explainations to go with all of the songs on the recording. Images from the CD cover.
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