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Ancient Youth

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At the heart of Ancient Youth is a group of teen-agers who study and perform traditional music from Haiti, Cuba and Brazil under the direction of Rick Bausman, founder of Rhythm of Life, Inc.  Rhythm of Life provides classes in ensemble drumming to groups of people of all ages and levels of ability, and these young students have achieved a high level of proficiency in a difficult genre through dedication and hard work.

This recording is dedicated to Forrest Tomlinson.  He was a friend and advisor to many of us for many years before his death in 1997.  Forrest, we miss you, and we hope you like the record.

Listen to the samples at the bottom of the page, download any song that you'd like for .99 each or download the entire album for $10.

Individual song purchases - Download each song in MP3 format for .99 each:

1. Congo

2 . Rumba Columbia

3. Mahi

4. Mercy Mercy

5. Yanvalou

6. St. Thomas

7. Guaguanco

8. Bembe

9. Stir Fry

Download the entire album in MP3 format for $10:

Ancient Youth - The Power Within - Full Album

Ancient Youth Notes  

Ancient Youth Notes

Learn more about this recording. The origins of the name, the cover art and the music.
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