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The Drum Workshop, Inc


Our Approach

Rhythm of Life, Inc. provides ensemble drumming experiences and interactive performances to groups of people of all ages and levels of ability, from pre-school through elderly care, for people with and without disabilities, beginners and experienced players.   We provide a broad spectrum of organizations with everything they need to establish and maintain successful programs: training workshops for teachers, therapists and group leaders; curriculum materials; and instrument packages.

The overall goals of Rhythm of Life are to bolster the self esteem of individual participants, demonstrate the relationship of the individual to the group, foster a sense of belonging and confidence, nurture the spirit of communication, encourage group awareness, and provide a sense of accomplishment.  Through contact with  the instruments and music of other cultures we become aware of our place in the global community, and increase our understanding of those around us.

Ensemble drumming is  an excellent microcosmic representation of the functioning of a community, and an exciting medium for nurturing the spirit of cooperation, building self esteem and enhancing communicative skills.  It is a challenge to learn and perform authentic ensemble pieces correctly, and I believe that within the challenge lies the value.  The established parameters of a given piece require certain actions from those who would participate.  Individuals are  charged with responsibility to the group to at least do their best to understand and perform their part.  Fulfillment of your function provides support to those around you and allows the group to succeed.  The execution of each piece of music requires thought, effort, the support of those around you and a willingness to provide support in return.  This is community and the rewards of participation are a feeling of accomplishment, camaraderie, and successful communication.  It’s also just plain fun!  There is nothing like the exhilaration of ensemble performance.  Experience allows us to plan for success, no Drum Workshop session ever ends with a sense of failure.

Rhythm of Life was founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1995.  We have provided thousands of sessions over the years to a large variety of groups. We have visited schools, senior centers, churches, camps  and other facilities across the United States.  Our current development is towards expanding our ability to share the success of our programs natioanlly and internationally.  Over the years we have created  a program which reaches across generational lines and impacts the entire community.  This provides us with a number of model programs which can be transplanted anywhere, given the proper motivation and resources.  We can provide the expertise, support materials and equipment to facilitate the creation and implementation of programs for young children, teens, parents and children together, the elderly, people with disabilities etc...Rhythm of Life is fully able and eager to assist in the development of new programs and provide on-going support as these programs grow.

To help us achieve our goals we have created a number of outreach tools, and are in the process of designing several more.  Bongos, Bells, Butterflies and Sunshine All Day Long is our curriculum package for pre-school and early elementary grades, and Traditional Rhythms is our curriculum for upper elementary, middle, high school, and beyond.  We have developed a system of tablature which allows us to relate the rhythms we teach on paper, and the curriculum includes instructional audio CDs.  We recorded and released two CDs, “The Power Within”, featuring our best teen age and adult students performing ritual music from Haiti and Cuba, and “Congacycle”, a collection of drum based original material for families with young children which won a Parents Choice Award in 2001!  We offer live, interactive performances of the material on these recordings in conjunction with classes and workshops. 
Rhythm of Life provides unique, exciting, attractive opportunities for interaction.  These sessions are an excellent medium for nurturing the spirit of community, and the value of these programs has been proven time and time again.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to fulfill our potential, and share our music, our  methods and  techniques, and our passion with others.

“Long after the drums are still, feelings of confidence and the
joys of cooperation live on in the hearts of the drummers.”