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Critical Timing Program for Teens

Ensemble drumming is fun!  It’s a great way to expand your music curriculum, offer something a little different to your students, explore other cultures, and meet the challenge of performing authentic traditional music from West Africa, Haiti, Cuba and Brazil.  Even kids who might have demonstrated resistance to participation in other activities have been attracted to Drum Workshop programs.  It’s exciting, a little loud, joyful, challenging and cool.

Our Critical Timing program is extremely effective with older elementary grade students and teens. It is especially helpful with kids who are engaging in risky behavior, who might be in trouble at school, at home, with the police, or who are otherwise disenfranchised from their peers and school community as a result of personal lifestyle choices.  

The ensemble experience provides a sense of belonging, enhances self-esteem and nurtures communication skills.  When necessary, underlying program themes focus on substance abuse, anger management, positive choices, and violence prevention. We enjoy and encourage strong collaborations with local counseling agencies and police departments for the assistance they can provide in reaching the kids who really need help.  

Our Traditional Rhythms curriculum manual and CD, containing discussion, tablature and demonstrations of all the parts for each rhythm, support the Critical Timing program.  Instrument packages and training programs are available.

Instrument Packages for older children and adults.  

Instrument Packages for older children and adults.

Rhythm of Life, Inc offers a variety of instrument packages to support our curriculum for Older Children, Teens and adults.